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Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs. Eating

One of the most commonly asked question in the “Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs Eating” debate is regarding any difference in potency/type of trip Despite the

Psilocybin Retreats

Are you curious about psilocybin retreats? In a world where we often become overwhelmed and stressed by the day-to-day hamster wheel of deadlines, noise, and

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Z-Strain magic mushrooms Organic Shrooms Canada

Z-Strain Magic Mushrooms

Z-Strain magic mushrooms belongs to the Psilocybe Cubensis family. It is a medium sized mushroom that is known to be an aggressive colonizer. Some say

Tidal Wave sold by Blue Goba

Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

Can you swim in an ocean of psychedelic bliss? We know you can because a Tidal Wave of shroomy fun is coming your way. Be

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Understanding Psychedelic Therapy

Bruce Sanguin, a Psychedelic Therapist in Vancouver British Columbia

Psychedelic Integration Therapist: Bruce Sanguin

Frshminds sat down with North Saanich, British Columbia based psychedelic integration therapist Bruce Sanguin, to learn about his perspective on psychedelic integration. Previously a United

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LSD and Mental Wellness

how to test lsd

How to Test LSD

Exploring the benefits of LSD for mental wellness? Given its illegal and unregulated, knowing how to test LSD is important to be certain what’s in a dose.

LSD for Mental Health

LSD for mental health treatment is once again starting to be looked at by science and psychiatry. Though psychedelics have been used for centuries in

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