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Blue Meanies Trip Report

Blue Meanies Trip Report
Blue Meanies Trip Report

Trip Report: Blue Meanies

Last summer, I finally got the chance to try Blue Meanies magic mushrooms for the first time. This wasn’t my first trip report, but this Blue Meanies trip report was the most intense I’ve ever captured with words.

The day we decided to trip, we brought some gummies made from blue meanies and went to High Park.  After eating the mushrooms, I sat there, went for a walk, sat there some more; clearly tripping, I must have had one of the happiest expressions ever seen in my life

Music sounded “juicier”, more engaging and emotional; With my eyes closed every song evoked a scene fitting the sounds and a particular color was associated with the whole song.

It wasn’t until I lost myself in thought looking at some strangers sitting in the grass while I was standing still in front of my bike and felt like I was being carried by the wind, I felt very light but also extremely coordinated and agile. The colors looked so nice and the sounds made by people, bikes and birds were in perfect harmony, as if someone had recorded and then edited them to sound as musical as possible to make a cheerful scene for a movie.

The light of the day was beautiful, the buildings were beautiful, the people were beautiful, the girls were more than beautiful. I sat outside a coffee shop thinking of how happy I was and that I had never felt an emotion like that before in my whole life.

The whole scene looked like it was made for the end credits of the best movie I had ever seen  and I was there,  enjoying it and glad it was still going, I was also very excited at the idea of going back to normal, analyzing the experiences and integrating them into my daily life.

Blue Meanies Trip Report: The Details

Motivation For Consuming:
Mental Wellness
Mushroom Species:
Blue Meanies
Mushroom Form Factor:
Product Name:
Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Gummies
Amount of Mushrooms Consumed in Grams:
Background Music:
Yellow Submarine – Beatles
Trip Location:
Indoors or Outside:
Trip Duration (Hours):
Did You Use A Trip Sitter:

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