Drive More Sales With Customer Reviews!

Install the Frshminds Review Widget and drive more sales on your site by leveraging the power of consumer reviews and social proof.

Drive More Sales With Customer Reviews!

Install the Frshminds Review Widget and drive more sales on your site by leveraging the power of consumer reviews and social proof.

Customers Respond To Social Proof

Show Them Yours!!!

Did you know 92% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase decision. When customers are thinking about buying something, they don’t turn to advertisements. They turn to reviews and Frshmind can help you leverage yours!  

Introducing The Frshminds Review Widget

The Frshminds Review Widget is a small piece of code that you can install on your website that allows you to showcase your Frshminds rating. 

Reviews and links from third party sites, like Frshminds, help your website rank higher on Google search. Search engines love user-generated content, which can often contain phrases and links that are associated with and specific to your business.

Deploy the Frshminds Review Widget on your site.
Frshminds makes it easy to connect with the emerging psychedelic consumer
Customer Reviews

Drive Business With Social Proof

It is common knowledge that customers respond to social proof, a simple psychological concept that states that people adjust their behavior based on what other people are saying.

Install the Frshminds Review Widget on your site and start leveraging his power.  The Frshminds Review Widget

– Shows off your Frshminds Rating, an overall summary of your business’ feedback on Frshminds. 
– Encourages your customers to leave reviews on your Frshminds’ profile.

How to Collect and Leverage Reviews

Get More Reviews with Review Requests

Make the review request easy by installing the Frshminds’ Review Widget. The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business looks in the eyes of both customers and search engines.  Getting more reviews isn’t hard, all you need to do is ask and 70% of customers say that they will leave a review if asked. 

Respond to Customer Reviews

Respond to both positive and negative reviews. Engaging with positive reviews builds bonds with satisfied customers. Managing negative reviews allows you to solve the problem they experienced before it grows into a larger issue. 

Frshminds Widget Installation Instructions

6 Simple Steps To Install The Frshminds' Widget On Your Site
Step 1

Claim or Create Your Frshminds Listing

Search Frshminds to see if we already list your business and claim your free listing by clicking  the “claim now” link. 

Then fill out your claim form.  Frshminds typically responds within 24 hours.

If your business is not already listed on Frshminds, click the button below and add your listing information for free.  Frshminds typically approves new listings within 24 hours

Step 2

Login To Your Frshminds' Dashboard

Click on the silhouette icon in the upper right corner of your screen to login to Frshminds.


Step 3

Locate the Frshminds Review Widget

When you login to your Frshminds dashboard, you will see a link to the Frshminds Review Widget on your left hand side.

Step 4

Generate Embed Code For Frshminds Widget

Click on the “Add Review Widget To My Site” button.



Step 5

Select The Listing To Generate Widget Code For

Select your business name from the dropdown menu.

Click “Generate Embed Code”.

Step 6

Copy Widget Embed Code

Copy the Frshminds Review Widget embed code and paste it into an HTML code on your site.

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