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Golden Teacher Trip Report

A Golden Teacher Trip Review
A Golden Teacher Trip Review

Trip Report: Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

I felt inspired to write this Golden Teacher trip report as a way of sharing my experience with others. At the 45min mark it hit me as I focused by sitting quiet with my eyes closed, letting go of my body and mind more easily.  Initially, I feel the urge to pee. 

Ego death is the hardest stage and forces me to consider the “Why” of the experience.  It improves me by forcing me to focus, allowing me to have excellent visuals as I project my thoughts on the back of my eyelids and indulge in the sound of the music, focusing on the message in the song as my goes numb.

I project my thoughts through the perspective of another person. How does my family perceive me and what I can do to improve this.

How can I be a better person?

What insights can I bring back from this trip?

The experience of opening my eyes as I venture outside at this point and feel the sun on my skin and the grass on my toes.  Smelling the trees, and plants; All of the aesthetics enhanced.

Time slows……

I know the subtle trip effects last will last me the next 48hrs as I integrate my experiences into my life.

Golden Teacher Trip Report: The Details

Motivation For Consuming:
Mushroom Species:
Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms
Mushroom Form Factor:
Dried Mushrooms
Product Name:
Don’t Know
Don’t Know – are there brands?
Amount of Mushrooms Consumed in Grams:
Background Music:
Pink Floyd
Trip Location:
Indoors or Outside:
Trip Duration (Hours):
Did You Use A Trip Sitter:

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