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We are a state of the art medical spa focusing on health and wellness, providing ketamine therapy in Baltimore. We offer free phone consultations to evaluate your areas of concern and help you understand the process required to achieve your goals.

Our staff consists of board-certified anesthesiologists with more than 30 years combined experience and highly skilled licensed registered nurses. Our scope of practice includes inpatient and outpatient anesthesia as well as a background in psychology and addiction medicine. We focus on patient safety through proper selection and monitoring. We promote the well-being and health of patients and design our care to improve comfort and quality of life.

​Recognizing the emerging use of anesthetic agents in the outpatient setting such as ketamine for mental health and various mood conditions, we found it imperative to elevate current infusion practices and provide our expertise in quality patient care and safety. We extend our efforts to help keep people healthy through IV hydration and micronutrient therapy–a function we perform daily. Out of these needs, we founded HydraFuse Health and Wellness.

When you are considering options for ketamine therapy in Baltimore, contact Hydrafuse for a consultation.

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