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We designed Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center to be the premier ketamine clinic in Utah.  Located in southern Utah, we offer innovative and highly effective depression treatment and pain management options to those suffering from pain and depression.

Why Consider Visiting a Ketamine Clinic for Depression Treatment?

Ketamine treatment for depression is effective for up to 70% of patients.  As a CRPS treatment or solution for chronic pain, ketamine can relieve pain for up to 11-months post-infusion. Owned and operated by one of Utah’s most trusted anesthesiologists, Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center has become known for it’s patient-focused approach to depression treatment and chronic pain management. Your safety and comfort is our #1 priority.

Why Choose Desert Sands?

Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center is dedicated to making ketamine more accessible and more affordable to those who need it.  Our team consists of highly experienced physicians who can administer ketamine infusions safely, with the comfort of each patient in mind. We treat each and every patient with the care and compassion they deserve.  We believe that no one should have to suffer from debilitating depression or chronic pain conditions.  Hope is always an option.  In order to provide the utmost privacy and comfort, we provide private treatment rooms for each individual patient.

Our 5,300 square foot ketamine clinic in Utah (St. George) is close to Zions’ National Park, Bryce Canyon, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and many other amazing national parks.  We are only an hour and half drive from Las Vegas and our city of St. George has a great regional airport that has daily flights to Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

In order to get our clinic atmosphere right we:

  • Visited numerous other Ketamine clinics,
  • Hired a professional consultant from Denver with expertise in starting the best of class Ketamine clinics around the country.
  • Consulted with Ketamine patients themselves.

We use only state of the art medical equipment, and use only the extremely accurate computerized Alaris PC infusion devises for your treatment.  Unlike many other Ketamine clinics, all patients at Desert Sands Ketamine are also treated with the privacy they deserve.  To us, that means every patient deserves an individual, private treatment room for their Ketamine infusion.  We want to make sure it is not only the amazing, caring staff that truly impresses you; we also insist that our Ketamine clinic itself be the absolute safest, best choice around for you or your loved ones who already have more than enough to worry about.

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