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At Portland Ketamine Clinic, our board certified anesthesiologists provide ketamine infusions to relieve depression, PTSD and CRPS/RSD.

Ketamine is an FDA approved anesthetic drug that has been used in hospitals worldwide since the 1960’s. In the last few years numerous articles in medical journals have shown efficacy in using ketamine in sub-anesthetic doses to treat depression and some chronic pain syndromes. See LINKS to read articles.

How long does ketamine infusion therapy last?

Initial series of 6 infusions will take place every other day for a period of 12-14 days. Although we don’t recommend varying too much from this treatment protocol we will customize the treatments to help meet your personal and travel needs. Subsequent single booster infusions may be required to keep your symptoms at bay. Resolution of symptoms may last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

Though not originally approved for these conditions by the FDA. It is safe OFF-LABEL use of this medication as we administer it under a controlled setting with a physician monitoring you. Since the use of Ketamine is OFF-LABEL insurance companies or Medicaid/Medicare will NOT COVER its use for treating depression. We can only accept cash or credit cards as payment. We can not accept checks of any kind.

Many medications that we use in mainstream medicine have been discovered to be helpful in treating other diseases. These include Rogaine (Minoxidil) which was originally used to treat high blood pressure was later found to help in hair loss or alopecia. These medicines represent alternative uses of FDA approved medications.

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