Sweeder: The Magical Mushroom Experience


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I created SWEEDER at a point in my life where I realized that there’s a lot more to this World/Dimension than we are being lead to believe. SWEEDER provides you with the holistic tools for healing and higher consciousness seeking through Crystals & Herbs.

Originally- Sweeder started as a Strain Review Show. Where I would choose a different weed strain and review all aspects of it for people. I even go into more detail about Cannabis at a deeper and educational level.

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As I was creating video content and doing research, I discovered a whole other list of herbs we could smoke and benefit from. Thus, beginning my Herbal Pre Rolls & Astral Travel journey.

It’s truly amazing what weed can do for the explorative mind & what Astral Travel can do to a sound soul.

As my interdimensional travels got stronger more ideas and creations came back with me.

I created a weed tool that is going to make rolling up Sweeder!

While that tool is being developed- I went into other tangible products still related to the herb and my mission- Crystal Roach Clips & Shroom Chocolates!

The Jewelry aspect of Sweeder is all due to my Abuela (Grandma). Jewels has always been a passion of hers since before I was born. She would retail Gold, Ruby, Diamonds, Sapphires, & other Precious Gems. As retirement set on, she took up a hobby- jewelry making!

Visiting her often at her home, I would watch her make her creations and eventually joined in on the creativity and before you knew it, Crystal Roach Clips were born… and a lot more!

I took my business education, passion, and support systems and created a bigger brand than I could have ever imagined.

Becoming aware of oneself is a lot to handle, but it happens and you grow nonetheless.

I’ve grown and learned plenty enough over the last few recent years to realize one thing is true “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I’ve created SWEEDER, to be a space of herbs, crystals, and astrology. Let’s talk about Love too while we’re at it.

All these aspects of Life are important to never forget and imperative that we share this as our ancestors have been for generations.

SWEEDER – your favorite spiritual brand where you can come and become equipped with the right tools; including knowledge which is where True Power lies.

Stay Sweet & Wise! ✨

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