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Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs. Eating

Magic Mushrooms Tea vs. Eating

One of the most commonly asked question in the “Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs Eating” debate is regarding any difference in potency/type of trip

Despite the length of the “Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs Eating” debate, one thing to remember is that either way, the results — the psychoactive experience — are pretty much the same and your method of ingestion often comes down to personal preference. 

Mushroom Tea vs Eating: A Long Running Debate

Magic Mushroom Tea: The Benefits


The big difference between drinking tea or eating the mushroom is the time it takes for the experience to begin. With psilocybin tea, the action starts much faster because the nutrient and chemical properties of the mushroom have a faster bioavailability in tea than if you eat the mushroom. The reason is that your body first has to digest the mushroom to access all the psychoactive properties, so tea may seem stronger. 


Compared to the earthy taste and aroma, magic mushroom tea can be sweeten and flavored.

Magic Mushroom Tea: The Drawbacks

The main issue here is the prep time. Although going through the process of how to make shroom tea is not complicated, it does require some time.  Alternatively, you can buy a ready made psilocybin tea from a range of vendors.

Eating Magic Mushroom: The Benefits

After harvesting magic mushrooms, you can actually just eat them immediately; Obviously this is a much more convenient method since there’s no need for you to prepare anything. You may be one of the many people who prefer the experience of eat the fresh or dried mushroom over drinking the tea and there is zero prep time required compared to making magic mushroom tea.

Eating Magic Mushrooms: The Drawbacks

Eating a dried mushroom can be a bad experience. The mushroom is chewy, has an earthy taste and aroma, and for some, causes extreme nausea. One of the biggest contributors to the nausea experienced when ingesting shrooms is the hard to digest, raw mushroom material, such as chitin which makes up the fungi’s cell walls.

Magic Mushroom: Tea vs Eating -The Conclusion

As evidenced on numerous internet forums, lots of people have opinions on the topic.  In the end, where you fall on the whole “Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs Eating” debate, just make sure you have yourself a safe experience.

Another thing to remember as you can find many psilocybin mushroom species in the market today. Not all strains have the same potency. Some can give you a mellow experience while there are those that can give you wild visuals. So the kind of strain you choose and dosage you take leads to different experience. 


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