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Penis Envy Mushrooms: What’s In A Name

Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy Uncut Magic Mushrooms

What are Penis Envy mushrooms? It is a question that crosses the mind of almost anyone new to the world of psychedelic mushrooms.  Read along as Frshminds dives into the most Freudian of psychedelic mushrooms….and no, it has nothing to do with male sexual performance.

The Origin of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Frequently considered one of the strongest of the psilocybe cubensis subspecies, Penis Envy derivatives were associated with 7 of the 10 strongest entrants in the Psilocybin Cup, a potency competition in which cultivators from around the world submitted psilocybin-containing mushrooms for laboratory testing and analysis, but just where did this “unique” looking psilocybe cubensis subspecies come from?

The original cultivator of penis envy mushrooms

Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist.

Penis Envy arose (no pun intended) from a healthy and unusually large mushroom discovered deep in the Amazon by renowned psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna.

In the early 1970s, McKenna is said to have discovered (and sampled) a colossal patch of magic mushrooms deep in the rainforest with the help of native guides. McKenna simply sandwiched some spore prints from this culture between two microscopy slides and boarded a flight to the United States, where he quickly started cultures of the mushrooms from these prints. He also sent some prints from the exceptional Amazonian specimen to several of his colleagues, including Steven Pollock, who claimed that psychedelic mushrooms were the most powerful drug available for treating a variety of mental health issues.

Pollock proceeded to propagate and refine the culture over several years by isolating fruiting mushrooms on agar, then taking tissue samples from the largest mushrooms in each batch, narrowing and improving the culture’s genetic profile with each generation until a massive, odd-looking mutation happened.According to reports, Penis Envy arose from a healthy and unusually large mushroom discovered deep in the Amazon by renowned psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna.

The Effects Of Penis Envy Mushrooms

As with most psychedelic mushroom, penis envy mushrooms produce a range of physical, perceptual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects including:

  • Auditory distortions
  • Color Enhancement
  • Distortion of space/time
  • Intense feelings of euphoria and joy
  • Morphing of objects
    Mystical states like feeling connected to the universe
  • Synesthesia (i.e. “hearing colors”, “seeing sounds”)

Penis Envy Mushroom Species

The Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are known for their deep shamanic experience, vision quests, and intense mystical experience. They are recommended for intermediate and experienced users. Penis Envy Mushrooms include one of the few commonly grown albino shrooms; the Albino Penis Envy strain, since albino mushrooms are quite unusual. 

Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy, a cross between the Penis Envy and Albino PF strains, is one of the most potent cubensis strains with intense euphoria, deep

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Physical Characteristics of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The physical attributes of the Penis Envy have primarily contributed to its name. Looking at the strain, you will notice that it looks like a large penis.

Named for its phallic physical appearance which includes an underdeveloped, bell shaped cap (pileus) that is caramel brown in colouration and thick stems (stipes). The undeveloped bulbous cap that looks more rounded than typical psilocybin Cubensis strain due to the lack of a ‘velum or veil’ separating the shroom’s stem from the cap. 

The striking resemblance to the human organ and its enviable size explains the name given to this shroom variety.  Un-ironically, the strain looks smaller than other shrooms, but it does have a large, dense, thick, and healthy-looking white stem.
The Albino Penis Envy strain,typically smaller than Penis Envy mushrooms, has a milky white coloration similar to Albino PF.

Penis Envy Mushroom Products

The products listed below are all described as containing Penis Envy related mushroom species.
Penis Envy Cubensis by Organic Shrooms Canada

Penis Envy Cubensis

The Penis Envy Cubensis is one of the rarest mushroom strains. It’s potency is considered one of the world’s strongest in the Cubensis family. This

Tidal Wave sold by Blue Goba

Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

Can you swim in an ocean of psychedelic bliss? We know you can because a Tidal Wave of shroomy fun is coming your way. Be

Texas Penis Envy

Texas Penis Envy

The Texas Penis Envy is a highly sought-after strain – as the name implies, it is a cross of the Penis Envy and Texas magic

Penis Envy sold by Blue Goba

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are for people who are looking to have a full psychedelic experience. It is a very potent mutation of a Psilocybe

psilocybe cubensis Penis Envy

Penis Envy

The penis envy mushroom spore is one of the most popular research strains around. In nature, it’s an interesting way to chalk up a conversation


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